When i married my mother

  • Autor:

    Jo Maeder
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2018-06-07

",This book is important to every mother and daughter, and to every woman who wants to be one. ", MAYA ANGELOU. ",This generous gift of a book explores the mystery of how doing the right thing can, in the end, become infinitely more. ", TOMMY HAYS &ldquo,Who knew aging, memory-impaired mothers could ,surprise their reluctantly dutiful daughters? Jo&rsquo,s ,counter-intuitive take on caring for Mama Jo speaks to ,the resilience in late-life family care relationships. As ,author and memoirist, Jo delighted participants at Duke&rsquo,s ,Alzheimer&rsquo,s conference by encouraging them to seek ,fresh, positive and personal perspectives on caring. &rdquo, LISA P. GWYTHER, ,MSW, co-author The Alzheimer&rsquo,s Action Plan

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